A thriving hub of gourmet artisans, Guernsey has no shortage of independently produced gastronomic fare sourced from the island’s rich natural bounty. Golden Guernsey Goat’s Cheese is one such local delicacy. Helmed by husband and wife team Mandy and Peter Girard, the dairy’s creamy roundels are made from the milk of rare Golden Guernsey goats. Here, Mandy discusses her beloved herd, her favourite goat’s cheese dish and the prettiest spots on the island

What makes Golden Guernsey goats so special?

'Firstly, Golden Guernseys are a rare breed, with only 1,200 listed in the world. They’re also extremely friendly and laid-back, just like the Guernsey people! Golden Guernsey goats are very handsome, with a long golden coat, and they produce beautifully creamy milk, which is excellent for cheese-making.'

Can you talk us through your cheese-making process?

'We like to do it the old-fashioned way, without a machine. We begin with fresh, raw, full-cream milk that’s heated in a bain-marie. Cultures and vegetable rennet are added and the mixture is left overnight. The milk then separates into curds and whey. The whey is drained off and the curd is pressed after adding salt or other ingredients like herbs.'

What are the flavour characteristics of your Golden Guernsey cheese?

'It’s fresh and creamy with a subtle flavour, which makes it very versatile and means it can be used in desserts as well as savoury dishes.'

What’s your favourite goat’s cheese dish?

'Definitely cheesecake – so delicious!'

Are there any other local producers that you admire?

'Smithfield Farm Guernsey Luxury Yoghurt. This producer-only started making their yoghurts in 2018 and they are truly passionate about what they are doing, as well as promoting the delicious Guernsey cows’ milk.'

Where in Guernsey do you enjoy spending time when you’re not working?

'Walking the cliffs. The scenery is stunning and the peace is so good for the body and soul.'

What events are you most looking forward to in Guernsey this year?

'In Spring we open our farm by arrangement. We have tours – bottle-feeding the kid goats is very popular. During July and August, we love The West Show and The Guernsey Goat Society’s shows.'

Can you tell us a local secret that most visitors don’t know about?

'The Silbe Reserve is a lovely tranquil spot not far from the waterwheel in St Peter Port. It has footpaths that run through the field next to our house and the goats graze here by the stream.'

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