View of a boat off the coast of Guernsey

Water activities

Surrounded by beautiful coastline, Guernsey is home to a vast array of water-based activities, from the exhilarating sensation of catching a wave to the more relaxing experience of netting your catch of the day...

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Boating activities

Coastal activities

A young woman with a rope engaged in the sports of rock climbing on the rock.
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Rock climbing

Not strictly a water sport, but you’ll be on the cliffs overhanging the water, so it almost counts! Guernsey has some great climbing. The West coast crags at Port Soif, Grandes Rocque and Pembroke offer many easy access short routes. The South coast offers dramatic scenery to complement some fantastic and thrilling climbing. 

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Coasteering is a unique adventure sport in which you can experience the exhilaration of sea level traversing, rock scrambling, jumping, and swimming in gullies and caves. It is a fun and exciting coastal exploration along the wild and beautiful Guernsey and Sark shorelines. There are several local companies that offer coasteering explorations with experienced instructors and all the necessary equipment.

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