Sweeping Sands of Cobo Guernsey Guernsey

Beaches of Guernsey

Guernsey almost has one beach for every square mile, each one beautiful and special. Discover rocky coves in the south, long sandy beaches on the west coast - where the sun sets into the Atlantic Ocean - and horseshoe bays in the north. Cobo Bay, with its wide sandy shores and stunning sunsets, is a favorite for families and water sports enthusiasts. Shell Beach, on the tiny island of Herm just a short ferry ride away, offers crystal-clear waters and seclusion. Petit Bot Bay, with its rugged cliffs and tidal pools, is a picturesque spot for exploration. Fermain Bay's clear waters and nearby cafes make it an ideal choice for relaxation. Whether you seek tranquility or adventure, Guernsey's beaches provide a captivating seaside experience for all tastes and preferences.

Duke of Richmond Zebra Stipes Bacgkround

East coast beaches

Castle Cornet and Havelet Bay Guernsey Guernsey

Havelet Bay

Within easy walking distance of the hotel and St Peter Port, Havelet Bay is a great spot to unwind with famous views of Cornet Rock and its castle. 

Distance: 1.0 miles
Journey time: 6 minutes

Fermain Bay Guernsey Channel Islands

Fermain Beach

This scenic, pebble beach is backed by low cliffs and dense woodland. Being on the craggy side of the island it is very different in character from most of Guernsey's better known beaches. 

Distance: 2.3 miles
Journey time: 10 minutes

West coast beaches

Duke of Richmond Zebra Stipes Bacgkround

South coast beaches

Moulin Huet Bay with boat in Guernsey

Moulin Huet

A stunning beach which was a favourite of the artist Renoir and led him to paint a series of landscapes in the mid-1880s.

Distance: 2.9 miles
Journey time: 12 minutes

Petit Bot Bay from Icart Point on Guernsey

Petit Bot

A glorious sandy bay that is surrounded by high cliffs that provide good shelter from winds. 

Distance: 4.4 miles
Journey time: 16 minutes

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